Bisexual Swingers

Bi swinging scene & Cuckolds Husbands

The Bisexual scene within cuckoldry revolves around one thing that’s bisexual husbands and unlike the Bi Swingers scene its very unlikely that anyone looking at cuckold meets will be looking to meet with bisexual females

This is about as far removed as possible from the vast bulk of Bi swingers where most if not all will be looking for females to meet with wifes where the wife is bi. The reason most cuckold couples consider the bi route is for one reason alone that’s to humiliate submissive husbands

The husbands in the bulk of cases will be bi cuckolds although I know some are straight but being totally submissive with dominant Scottish wives these strong wifes will force husbands into following orders and basically doing what ever the wife tells him.

Forced Bisexual Husbands

This is forced terms such as “forced cuckold, forced cleanup” and in some cases sissification come into play although whilst sissy husbands are in the vast amount of cases bi this is a completely different type of meet, where as bisexual Scottish husbands will just be used and not made to wear women’s clothing

Often role playing will play a big role with husbands playing the “reluctant” role and not wanting to suck offer males or indeed some cases more extremes where the wife will want to see the bull fucking her husband, but like most BDSM types meets role playing plays a major key within these meets

More often than not Scottish swingers / couples that have a bisexual husband and enjoy the cuckold scene will be looking towards bulls / males that are also bisexual or males that don’t have a problem with husbands doing such things as

  • Forced cum eating
  • Licking cum from bulls / cocks
  • Forced cock sucking / licking
  • Wifes watching husbands getting fucked
  • Rimming
  • Verbal humiliation / abuse /

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