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The Scotland cuckold scene and for many dogging almost go hand in hand with husbands taking wives to Scotland dogging locations to meet with strangers for NSA sex whilst they have the pleasure of watching.

When it comes to meeting with dogging cuckold contacts there’s really only one place to meet with these sexy Scottish wives and whilst most will say just by hitting the dogging locations your far better off turning towards forums especially those that aim contacts towards Scotland sex contacts / personals

Meeting with Dogging wives via forums?

A lot of people say the using dogging forums takes the spontaneity away from meeting Scottish Dogging contacts to those I say “bollocks” sorry but given the choice of driving to some car park and meeting up with a couple rather than just driving around dogging locations hoping to have sex, I know which option I’ll take!

We all know the dogging scene has changed a lot over the last few years due to over published locations and first the police doing there best to stop our outdoor dogging sex but also the “idiots” that like to almost terrorise dogging couples by tuning quite car parks into boy racer meets!!

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By using a dogging forum not only will you get access to current and up to date Scottish dogging locations but be able to pre arrange meeting directly with members and rather than using a location that everyone and his aunt knows about arranging a far more private location, after all bottom line you want to fuck the guys wife he wants to have the pleasure of seeing his wife getting fucked!!

If your new to the term “forum” basically its like a message board where members can make postings telling others locations and often days / times when they will be there – the added benefit is you can also respond directly to the Scottish cuckold couples either directly or by sending private messages

Posted below is a random selection of cuckold dogging photos and like all the images within this site totally genuine pics and so have been cropped to protect the members ID – Once inside the members section you’ll have full access to all images

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